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Milford - Fall Landscapes


Marcelo Maia
These images were made in Milford, Pennsylvania, during the Fall of 2001, on the aftermath of 911. They were on display at the Water Wheel Cafe in Milford until February 28, 2002.
I'd like to thank a few people who made this show possible : Nancie, Amador, Steve, Darren and Dawn. Second, i'd like to thank you, for taking the time to come over and look at my pictures.
I am a portrait photographer with a strong interest on Nature, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After what happened in NYC in September, that connection became even stronger and for that, I thank Milford.
Nature can help repair deep wounds, it can replenish itself, even if to a certain point. When looking down at the Delaware valley, with it's Gap, mountains, river, fields and all, you kind of get reassured that Nature can heal. That is in itself, the focal point of this show. The image on top of the fireplace, which opens the window to possibilities.

NYC, December 2001, Marcelo Maia
  All images copyright by Marcelo Maia 2001


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